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Assalamualaikum everyone. Ahlan wa sahlan and welcome.

Alhamdulillah Masjid e Quba is organising its first 24 hour summer retreat.

It’s the perfect opportunity enjoy a fun environment with a spiritually enriching bonus.

The idea is to hold a 24 hour retreat away from our normal daily lives, but not too far away from home.

The location is Scouts adventures, Gilwell Park, Chingford. A venue fully designed to host events of this nature.

Participants would Insha Allah arrive on the evening of Friday 3rd August by 6pm and get themselves setup and settled in. You’ll be putting up your tent (tent hire included in price but you can also bring your own tent). You’ll need to bring your own bedding, toiletries, extra clothes, etc. Then we’ll spend the rest of the evening enjoying a hot dinner, relaxing around a camp fire, taking in the variety of Islamic encouragement from experienced ulama.

We’ll pray with salaah with jamaa’ah in the marquee in a peaceful setting and stay awake until Fajr Insha Allah
End of day one.

Start of day two. 
After a good nights rest, we wake up to a delicious English breakfast.

We are then planning to have two 1.5 hour sessions of activities of your choice from the list below. There are 12 spaces on each activity per session and its first come first serve so arrive early and book your activities quick to avoid  disappointment.

We are aiming to have the following nine activities available on the day:

Archery, Zip wire, 3G Swing, Gauntlet, Jacob’s Ladder, High All Aboard, Leap of Faith and Raft building
(more details about each activity down the bottom of this page)

After finishing activities on day two, we’ll freshen up using the shower facilities, pray dhuhr with jamaa’ah at 3pm and pack up.

We’ll then finish up with a barbecue and a bit of naseehah (advice) bringing the event to an end Insha Allah

We hope you’ll find this an interesting and enriching experience and we look forward to your acquaintance.

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This event cost £35.00 per person and is subsidised by Masjid e Quba

*Under 16? you’ll need to bring a parent or guardian.
*Under 12’s are more than welcome at  the retreat for the 2 days but the venue dictates we are unable to allow under 12’s to take part in the physical activities due to height restrictions and health & safety. Everything else, you can take part in.
*Priority is given to locals of Masjid e Quba. For that reason, we have set a deadline for locals to signup before Saturday 21st August. After which the booking will be open to all
*boys only for this one

Activity description.

Requires precision, control and a steady hand. Learn and develop the techniques required to hit your targets, just like Robin Hood.

Zip wire
Travel at high speed while suspended and harnessed from an overhead cable. Determination and courage required.

3G Swing
As a team, you will pull two people at a time towards the top of the swing. The pair will go as high as they dare and once suspended, will pull the ripcord – releasing them into an exhilarating swing as gravity takes its force!

Just jump… and then experience the exhilarating feeling of freefalling before being comfortably lowered to the ground.

Work with a partner to travel up this vertical assault course. Negotiate the balance beam, hanging tyres and cargo nets to reach the summit. A real challenge.

Jacob’s Ladder
The only way to succeed in this challenge is to work together. How high can your team get off the ground? This activity tests teamwork and agility as the beams get further apart the higher you go.

High All Aboard
Working together as a team of four, you will all aim to climb to the top of the pole and fit on a small platform high in the air – requires bravery and teamwork to succeed. Do you have the courage to lean out together?

Leap of Faith
Once you’ve scaled the 10-metre pole, will your jump be good enough to reach the trapeze bar suspended in front of you? Test your nerve and coordination, before being safely lowered to the ground.

Raft building
Your team builds a raft to carry them across the water – hopefully without sinking or falling in! Develop communication, teamwork and logistical skills. Instructors will provide support and ideas, but ultimately it’s planning and cooperation that are vital to success.

If you want to find out more about the venue, Scout Adventures Gilwell Park, please click here to visit their website

We have noticed that the poster says Saturday Sunday down the bottom. This is an error. The retreat is from Friday evening 3rd August until  Saturday evening

Location of Gilwell Park

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