Ramadhaan 1439 / 2018


Ramadhaan Lectures

Alhamdulillah, Masjid e Quba has a diverse range of ulama delivering lectures throughout Ramadhaan.
17 May 1st to 5th Ramadhaan. Moulana Saleem Nawab
22 May 6th Ramadhaan. Moulana Yaasir Zaman
23 May 7th Ramadhaan. Moulana Mahfuz
24 May 8th Ramadhaan. Moulana Zakariya Sayed
25 May 9th Ramadhaan. Moulana Abdus Salaam (Imam, MasjideQuba)*
26 May 10th Ramadhaan. Moulana Abdus Salaam (Imam, MasjideQuba)*
27 May 11th Ramadhaan. Moulana Irfan Mehtar
28 May 12th Ramadhaan. Moulana Ebrahim Teladia
29 May 13th Ramadhaan. Moulana Mohammed Dhudat (Imam, MasjideQuba)
30 May 14th Ramadhaan. Mufti Abdur Rahmaan Mangera
31 May 15th Ramadhaan. Moulana Zayd Gajia
01 Jun 16th Ramadhaan. Moulana Hashim Rawat
02 Jun 17th to 19th Ramadhaan. Moulana Yakoob Sarodi (Kantharia)*
05 Jun 20th to 30th Ramadhaan. Mufti Mahmood Hafesji (Bardoli)*

Lectures will be delivered after Asr jama’ah.
*Lectures will be delivered in Urdu

Path2Piety, the monthly sisters programme held in the Masjid, will be taking place every Saturday during Ramadhaan. 


Taraweeh Prayers

Our Imaam’s leading Taraweeh salaah are;

  1. 8 Rakaah, Moulana Mohammed Dhudat
  2. 4 Rakaah, Hafidh Abdullah Patel
  3. 4 Rakaah, Hafidh Ahmad Sayed
  4. 4 Rakaah, Hafidh Zakaria Balesaria

The Qur’aan completion in taraweeh prayer will inshaallah be completed on the 27th night of Ramadhaan.

The order of recitation is as follows;
The Huffaz will be reciting 1 & 1/4 juz in taraweeh prayer for the first 16 nights in which they will complete 20th juz
The next 9 nights they will recite 1 juz per night completing 29 juz.
The 30th juz will be completed over 2 nights and will conclude the Qur’an  on the 27th night of Ramadhaan inshaalah.

Ramadhaan Timetable

Ramadhaan 1439 / 2018 timetable can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking the button below

Ramadhaan 2018 Timetable

Ramadhaan I’tikaaf

Please fill in the below from if you would like to perform I’tikaaf in our masjid during the last 10 nights of Ramadhaan

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